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Zim EFF calls on Government to declare a national Economic disaster to save the country.

Innocent Ndibali

By Innocent Ndibali (Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters  (EFF) President)

We as Zim EFF and on behalf of the majority of our people and together with the poor, downtrodden and disposed people of Zimbabwe today declare that we are real victims of Zanu PF’s mismanagement of our country which has resulted in the collapse of the economy.  Many of us ordinary people have lost livelihoods.

We are no longer able to put food on the table for our children – the shops are running empty of basic commodities,  we are no longer able to get life saving medicines the  sick children and for everyone in the country – the healthcare system has collapsed, our children are no longer able to go to school – the education system has collapsed, the transport system had collapsed because there is no fuel, fuel price hike with all of this and others serious  problems the country has been plunged into by this incompetent government , we see evidently clear that there is crisis of political leadership in the country .

The situation in our country has reached proportions of a national disaster. We therefore call upon the government to declare the whole country a national disaster due to the collapse of the state and its primary role of governing. We believe that declaring a national disaster will open up emergency and critical dialogue amongst all political parties, other stakeholders to address with urgency the unfolding national disaster. Since Zanu Pf government has lost the control of the economy the high risk for the nation is that the government may soon lose the control of the people. If that were to happen the country will be plunged into a point of no return. Head this warning.

We believe that Zanu PF alone has no capacity to fix the current problems. It is our firm and considered belief that we need to come together as Zimbabweans and come up with an urgent national plan to save the country.

We as ZIM EFF are very much aware that there is a crisis of intelligent thinking within those in government therefore what is required now is a radical national plan involving others parties outside government.


We propose the following five point plan:

  1. Government to declare an economic national disaster throughout the country. This will allow creation of urgent national plan to save the country.
  2. Government to nationalise procurement of basic commodities in the short term – basic commodities like medical supplies, food supplies, fuel etc.
  3. Government to freeze all foreign trips by government officials to save the much needed foreign currency.
  4. Government to scrap off bond notes (fake money) and replace it with hard currency so that everyone in the country can be paid with real money.
  5. Urgent national dialogue meeting to be convened , chaired by a national religious leader of high standing or UN rep  , this urgent meeting to come up with a national plan to save the country thereby saving human life . Zimbabweans to discuss an urgent national plan to save the country.

We as Zim EFF believe that we need to come together as Zimbabweans and solve the crisis urgently. We further understand and have a right of freedom of expression and given the situation we will mobilise together with other progressive fighters in the country to force the government to listen to the people.

As Zim EFF call upon all the fighters throughout the country to mobilise and get ready to take up a radical peaceful revolution to the government. POWER TO THE PEOPLE TO SAVE THE PEOPLE!

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