Zim receives US$ 502m healthcare funding

By Staff Reporter

The Global Fund has unveiled US$ 502 million healthcare funding to Zimbabwe. The grants will be put in place by the Ministry of Health Child Care (MOHCC), UNDP together with Civil Society Organisations and National Aids Council (NAC).

The funding will support HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria programmes and to build resilient systems for health for the next three years.

The US $426 million will focus on ensuring HIV prevention treatment, care and support services. The main focus will be on eliminating mother to child HIV transmission and ensuring prevention programmes are serving adolescents and youth and key populations most at risk of HIV.

David Parirenyatwa, Minister of Health and Child Care said it is not the first time the country has received support from the global fund.

“Since the inception of global fund in 2002, Zimbabwe has received more than $1 billion. Over the years the global fund has increased its support to become the largest donor partner in the entire health sector in Zimbabwe.

“With support from the global fund and other partners Zimbabwe has made remarkable strides in improving the health status of its people. Annual new infections have dropped by 58% from 85,450 in 2008 to 36,291 in 2017. Aids related deaths have declined by 66% from to 78,634 in 2008 to 26,645 in 2017. More than $1million people living with HIV/AIDS are on ART.

“Because of the success of the ART program, the availability of technologically advanced diagnostic tools and effective Anti-TB medicines, TB notifications have declined significantly and the country is one of the few countries that may achieve the end TB targets by 2030, Parirenyatwa said.

The Minister also stated that government remains committed to providing quality health care services to its people by dedicating itself to the Abuja targets which states that 15% of The National budget should go to the health sector.

Bishow Parajuli, the United Nation (UN) Resident Coordinator said the UN and UNDP are proud to be strategic partners in managing the Global Fund grants and supporting the three diseases which are Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV.

“Through the strategic partnership we have brought innovations through new technologies such as solar for health equipment. We are also supporting capacity strengthening in public finance management system, supply chain system and internal audit and ensuring value for money and significant savings through procurement and supply chain n low management cost,” Parajuli said.

UNDP plays a role in supporting countries facing challenging circumstances to access Global Fund resources and has worked closely with the Government of Zimbabwe over the last 15 years.

Zimbabwe was one of the first countries to establish the Aids Levy which is giving 36 million dollars per year. It also established the Health Levy in 2017 and the new procurement reforms which the government has put in place are going to ensure efficiency in the area of procurement which may release some funds for health programmes.