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Zimbabwe has no sound leadership: Joseph Busha

Zimbabwe has no sound leadership: Joseph Busha
Joseph Busha

By Tendai Guvamombe

Free Zim Congress political party leader Joseph Makamba Busha has said Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s government has failed dismally to act diligently and proffer solutions to myriad challenges due to leadership inadequacy.

Addressing members of the media on 20 March 2019 in the Harare, Free Zim Congress leader took time to reflect on how the existing government should take the whole blame for inability to consider top priorities to address issues at hand.

He singled out the lack of disaster preparedness and management regarding the recent Cyclone Idai and Battlefields tragedies as events that exposed government’s failures.

“There was a fore-warning about the Cyclone Idai Disaster which had struck Mozambique more than thrice and there was insufficient preparations by the government. In my view, the government should have sent rescue team way before the tragedy and be able to educate the surrounding communities “

“This was also seen in the recent Battlefields tragedy where artisanal miners perished underground. If we look into it, the whole issue comes back to the government. It’s pointless to empower young people in the mining sector without looking into safety measures and provision of rescue plans on the ground. I believe this is all about politicking where the youth are empowered to mine gold yet failing to make money out of it,” he said.

The Free Zim Congress chief also took a swipe at the recent RTGs dollars measures implemented by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor saying they were insufficient for  sustainable economic growth in the country.

“If we look at the recent RTGs  dollars measures implemented by the RBZ, people were made to believe the US Dollar to Bond note rate as at 1: 2.5 yet in actual facts it is not. In my view, I believe new monetary policies should be able to bring sustainable development to the country and in this case using US dollar as the national currency can perhaps spearhead sustainable growth,” he added.

He castigated the culture of registering disappointment at the country’s challenges through politics of street demonstrations by the MDC Alliance and the ruthless thwarting of such by the Zanu (PF) aligned authorities.

“It is clear that as a country we are not going anywhere. We are a leaderless population especially when my colleagues from MDC think deadly demonstrations are the way to solve the internal crisis and on the other hand Zanu PF that  claims to have liberated the people in 1980  destroying the population.”

The Free Zim Congress leader also distanced himself from speculative rumours that he embraced the inter party dialogue platform initiated by President Mnangagwa saying he will never be part of a weak process.

“ Let me put this straight. I am not part and parcel and will never join the so called Inter party dialogue process which is a weak process. In fact I wrote a letter to the President himself which he has not responded to wherein I demanded to meet him in person so that we discuss issues affecting the country.”

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