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Zimbabwe National Zakat Fund provides water to Harare’s Tafara community

Zakat drilling a borehole in Tafara

The community borehole sunk at Mwanandishe Primary School by the Zimbabwe National Zakat Fund (Zimnzaf) is set to ease water woes bedeviling the school and Tafara community at large.

In an interview during the drilling process on Tuesday, Zimnzaf Finance Director Philemon C. Chari said this intervention is part of the organisation’s water and sanitation hygiene (WASH) programme.

“Zimbabwe National Zakat Fund is an official partner of the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) through an MOU.The drilling of boreholes to provide clean water for drinking and other uses will definitely impact positively the community’s health.

“On this programme, we are working closely with the City of Harare Mabvuku-Tafara Department for water and sanitation and they recommended this site for the borehole,” added Chari.

The borehole which shall be solar-powered will service the school and have taps outside the boundary wall to cater to the community.

Admire Manhuwa, the Mabvuku-Tafara Borehole Technician said the area surrounding Mwanandishe Primary School was one of the areas without a borehole before the intervention.

“Residents walk long distances to go to places such as Kamunhu Shops to fetch water and this borehole will serve them as well as the school,” he said.

The school Deputy Headmaster, Mr. Munyoro said they were actually buying water to meet their needs.

“The school has been pumping out money to buy water from outside and this was not sustainable and bleeding the school of much-needed funds.

“This borehole brings relief to the school and the community at large,” said Mr. Munyoro.

Chari said the borehole was being sponsored by Muslim brothers and sisters based in the United Kingdom who were responding to the Islamic teachings which encourage them to invest for the good of humanity.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende