Zimnat General Insurance settles claim, donates books to St. Francis Pimai Primary School


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Zimnat General Insurance announced the successful restoration of St. Francis Pimai Primary School in the Eastern Highlands, following the devastation caused by the recent cyclone. The school, insured with Zimnat General Insurance, received a swift and comprehensive payout for property damages, allowing them to rebuild classrooms and staff quarters with minimal disruption to their academic calendar.


One of the built classroom blocks


This event exemplifies Zimnat General Insurance’s unwavering commitment to our purpose: Empowering Prosperity. By providing schools like St. Francis Pimai with access to comprehensive property insurance solutions, Zimnat General Insurance is ensuring the stability and continuity of education, a cornerstone of a thriving community.

“We are delighted to see St. Francis Pimai Primary School back on its feet and providing a safe learning environment for its students,” said Mr Isaac Zinhanga, Business Development Executive for Zimnat General Insurance. “Their proactive approach to risk management, coupled with our prompt claims settlement process, demonstrates the true power of partnership in building resilience.”

The foresight of the St. Francis Pimai Primary School Development Committee (SDC) and the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland in securing property insurance serves as a powerful testament to the importance of financial literacy at the community level. By prioritizing risk preparedness, the SDC ensured a swift recovery for the school and minimized the impact of the cyclone on the education of its students.

St Francis is a primary school located in Honde Valley that is under the administration of the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland. With over 1000 pupils currently enrolled, the school caters to the great community of Pimai and Ruda areas.

In addition to the financial settlement for property damages, Zimnat General Insurance also donated books to the school pupils, recognizing that some of their stationery was also destroyed by the storm.

At Zimnat General Insurance, we understand the critical role that schools play in fostering a brighter future for our communities. That’s why it offers a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions designed to protect educational institutions from unforeseen events.

“Don’t let a disaster disrupt your school’s progress. Contact Zimnat General Insurance today to explore our tailored property insurance solutions and empower the prosperity of your educational institution. Together, let’s build a more resilient future for Zimbabwe’s education sector,” said a Zimat representative.