ZIST Workshop in Victoria Falls Kicks Off, Igniting Progress Towards Vision 2030


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Writes Alfred Mazungunye
Victoria Falls -The Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking (ZIST) workshop is currently underway in Victoria Falls, and it is already proving to be a promisingly huge conference with a significant number of people in attendance. The conference, which focuses on the priming of all strategic institutions towards the delivery of Vision 2030, has attracted a diverse array of stakeholders, including government officials, business leaders, academics, and civil society representatives.
Speaker after speaker at the ZIST workshop in Victoria Falls emphasizes the importance of setting economic and development targets, priming strategic institutions, developing benchmarks of progressive developments, conducting institutional reviews, and focusing on effective resource utilization towards organizational objectives. Additionally, discussions are centered around collaboration among economic players and the need for clear short and long-term planning to ensure the successful implementation of Vision 2030.
Notably, several Ministers and Mayors are in attendance at the conference, highlighting the importance of the discussions being held. The conference aims to provide a platform for stakeholders to align their efforts and strategies towards achieving Vision 2030, with a collective approach being emphasized as crucial for success.
As the conference progresses, stakeholders are engaging in discussions on how to set specific goals, align strategic institutions with the national development agenda, create benchmarks for measuring progress, and find innovative approaches to resource utilization. Collaboration and clear planning are key themes being emphasized throughout the conference.
The ZIST workshop here in Victoria Falls is shaping up to be a significant platform for collaboration and progress towards achieving the national development goals outlined in Vision 2030. With a focus on strategic planning and effective resource utilization, stakeholders are working together to drive economic growth and development in Zimbabwe.