ZITF: President William Ruto urges Zimbabwe to harness natural resources for economic development


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In his keynote address while officially opening the 64th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo today, the President of Kenya, HE William Ruto, urged Zimbabweans to harness its abundant natural resources for economic growth and development.

“Zimbabwe is an example of an African scenario with a high literacy rate and abundant energy resources, arable land, coal, gold, iron, and lithium among other minerals. There is no doubt that these resources present tremendous wealth and that these should be deployed to back the national currency and further develop the economy. Zimbabwe is endowed with sufficient human resources and mineral resources. With visionary leadership, the sky is the limit,” HE Ruto said.
The 2024 ZITF is running under the theme, “Innovation: The Catalyst to Industrialisation and Trade.”
Despite these vast natural endowments, HE Ruto bemoaned the fact that Zimbabwe has gone through a lot but hailed its people for having refused to be victims and to give up.
“The people of Zimbabwe have endured and forged on with the patience of people who have prevailed against formidable forces and have conquered. This demonstrates the country’s readiness to transform itself into an economic giant. Owing to the policies of agricultural revitalisation and farmer support schemes, the seeds of transformation have been sown.
“The maturing of various agro-industrial chains will attract investment and bring more wealth to the people. The possibility of returning to the bread basket status is feasible and already seen. The commitment to developing the country is already seen in the revitalisation of infrastructure. Just recently your Minister of ICT was in Nairobi where we shared a lot about the development of our countries.”
The President said Kenya and Zimbabwe are all-weather friends. HE Ruto said Zimbabwe’s commitment to develop is seen through the introduction of the ZIG currency which will contribute greatly to the country’s economic resurgence.
“This decision among others illustrates the country’s commitment towards economic recovery. This is all due to the visionary leadership of the President. It is well known that economies with ICTs and innovation will develop more than those without. It encourages every sector to produce more and faster. Innovation empowers processes to produce more and satisfy demand. Innovation guarantees customer satisfaction and consistency,” HE Ruto praised President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
The Head of State of Kenya urged potential investors to start paying close attention to Zimbabwe as represented by the ZITF.
“I encourage all here to take advantage of this platform to network and exchange ideas. I encourage you to make the ZITF your catalyst of more inspired engagement. I wish the people of Zimbabwe prosperity,” he added.