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ZNOART urges law enforcement agencies to take corruption cases seriously

By Joyce Mukucha and Anyway Yotamu

The Zimbabwe National Organisation of Associations and Residents Trusts (ZNOART), a resident pressure group said it is deeply concerned over the matters of corruption which is allegedly being spearheaded by mostly council and government officials across the country that have been exposed which is now in the public limelight and urges Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and the Auditor General’s Office and the judiciary to intervene.

Speaking at a press conference in Harare on Thursday 27th of August 2020 Chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Organization of Associations and Residents Trusts Mr. Sherpard Chikomba said, “These criminal anomalies include the selling and allocation of stands, car sales, home industries, wetlands invasions and a lot more”. The Association also demands an investigation in a matter where the current Harare Town Clerk Hosiah Chisango has since been implicated in corrupt tendencies in the Sunshine City.

“Our call and plea to the Local Government Minister are to suspend, pending investigation to any corrupt councillor and council officials entangled in corrupt allegations. It is disturbing to note that Harare Town Clerk has been implicated in some corrupt dealings but he’s still in office and executing duties normally and this may compromise investigations that are likely to incriminate him.”

With most of the Council infrastructure dilapidating especially in Harare, the pressure group urges responsible ministry to help with an audit in the Sunshine City.

“We demand ZACC and the Special Anti Corruption Unity in the President’s Office should do more. We want audits in all councils and  rural district councils in Zimbabwe”

“Corruption has robbed citizens of service delivery they should be getting from these City  Fathers and as we can no longer sit and watch while our future generations’ dreams get shattered by individuals who occupy these councils offices for the enrichment of themselves and their families. Recently we have seen these issues in Harare’s Kuwadzana, Glen Norah, Mablereign Gunhill, and Mountpleasant suburbs, and some parts of Mashonaland west particularly in Chinhoyi were there is wrangle between council and land developer which left home seekers cornered.

These culprits some of them are in custody should face the full course of the law ,The judiciary should do away with the catch and release syndrome,” said Chikomba.

Mr. Chikomba highlighted the need for transparency, “As residents, we demand the City of Harare to publish contents ofo a Memorandum of understanding(MOU) signed with Clean City, we want to know if the deal is benefiting residents or these corrupt council chefs,” said Chikomba.

With the  COVID -19 pandemic , residents’ expectations on councils are for them to focus more on providing safe, running tapped water in our homes for hygiene and fight against this disease which has affected our health and our economy , but alas,  they are busy focusing on squeezing the ordinary Resident into hunger and more desperation.

Cases of typhoid and possibly cholera which have erupted in Bulawayo and Harare ‘s Sunningdale suburb have left residents in fright  with sewage flowing every  where in our suburbs .

He also argued the council’s to mantain and renovates their properties , “We have seen a decrease in infrastructural development where in most areas roads and sewer reticulation are in poor state”.

“We are also appealing to our councils to take a leading role in sensitizing our residents about COVID- 19. There ought to be awareness campaigns on sanitizing, social distancing in suburbs because surely our population is at the brink  of extinction as a result of this deadly pandemic,” said Chikomba

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