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ZTA facilitates borehole donation In Hwedza

By Tendai Mujeyi

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, has facilitated the donation of  a borehole to  Chigwedere Primary school in Mashonaland east province under Chief Svosve by a  Zim Diaspora football team.

The donation comes to the relief of the school as it has  managed to alleviate variant challenges that the school had been facing in terms of providing safe water.

“Children had been walking a considerable distance to meet the daily water needs of the school. We had been experiencing transfers as parents felt the burden” Mrs Nyamudoka, the Headmistress of Chigwedere Primary School said.

The water shortages had been a perennial problem to the school in terms of facilitating the Human Rights provisions of health, access to clean water and food security for the children at Chigwedere Primary School.

“This initiative will help my ministry in retaining teachers.  Our teachers won’t go away. Availability of clean water allows for viable operations by the education sector;s human resources,” Columbus Zinyoro the Hwedza District Schools Inspector, representing the Ministry of Primary and  Secondary Education said at the event.

The project also complements  government efforts to facilitate a healthy student base through the feeding program as water is now easily accessible.

“The Borehole has enhanced efficiency of the feeding program as we can now complement the maize, cooking oil supplies from government with fresh produce from the garden and provide nutritious meals for the children,” Mrs Nyamudoka, the Headmistress of Chigwedere Primary School said.

The donation comes at a time Government is spearheading the new skill based curriculum, with the borehole coming as Source of agriculture projects.

“Think in terms of horticulture. Think in terms of animal husbandry. This program has facilitated for your potential to be a market of products you will produce through using water,” the District schools  inspector also said.

“Conservation agriculture has been created through the access of water. This should allow for literacy in terms of entrepreneurship by accessing entrepreneurship knowledge through basic project management,” the District schools inspector said.

The project coincided with a soccer tourism engagement initiative being undertaken by a UK diaspora initiative UK.

UK Chicken  founder, Farai Chishaka said he had collaborated with the team since the visit of the Zimbabwean Olympic team went to London.

He also said: “The gesture to donate a borehole follows the idea to improve our native homes and follows past tennis court, toilet construction donations to the school.”

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