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Zulu Set To Release New Track

Musician Phil Zulu

By Ronnie Chisamba

Afro-jazz artiste Philip Astoni Zulu (38) – aka Phil Zulu – is scheduled to release his latest single, Chirimuninga, on the 8th of December. Phil made the announcement to his fans and music followers, on social media earlier yesterday.

“The expected date for the official launch of Chirimuninga – my latest offering – is 8 December,” Phil confirmed during an online interview with this publication.

Sang in Shona and Ndebele, the new track exposes the burdens of intimate secrets on the conscience of the concerned individual: in this case, a married woman who lies about the true identity of the father of her only child. Rhetorical questions highlight the complexity of the woman’s predicament.

The song was produced by Jabulani Ndlovu at Trutone Studios.

Born and raised in the gold mining city of Kadoma, Phil is the firstborn son of the celebrated musician Kireni Zulu. He (Phil) made his debut mark on the country’s music scene in 2008, when he released Zvenzeve – a 6-track album. Zvenzeve did not yield much success for the youthful musician, leading to 10-year hiatus.

Phil made a comeback in the music arena through a 7-track album, Hope-Tariro, in 2019. Chirimuninga is one of the many projects that the young musician has been working on since the release of the second album.

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