Zvishamiso Zvevapostori Church prays for peaceful elections

By Byron Mutingwende


Zvishamiso Zvevapostori Church in Africa (ZZCA) has used its Passover Conference held in Marondera to pray for peaceful elections and blessings.


The Passover prayer meeting, held under the theme “When I see blood, I pass over” was attended by ZZCA members from the country’s 10 provinces as well as representatives from the church’s branches in Southern Africa including Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa.


Archbishop Lameck Chitope, the ZZCA Founder and Leader said his church believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


“As ZZCA, we believe in the death of Jesus Christ. This is found in scriptures like Leviticus 23:5-8; Deuteronomy 16:1; Exodus 12: 1 -20; Joshua 2:8-10; Luke 24:1; Matthew 28:1-10; Mark 9:9-10; Mark 16:1-18 and John 20:1-10 just to mention a few.


“Jesus died to free us from the bondage of sin. Through His resurrection, the sins should never come back to haunt us again. Our old selves have died with Jesus. Through his resurrection, we are new creatures in Jesus Christ,” Archbishop Chitope said.


Salicio Deredzai Mutimwi Murwira, the ZZCA Secretary-General said Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for mankind’s sins.


“Jesus fully paid for the price of sin. He satisfied the just requirements to redeem mankind from the sin of Adam so that we would be reconciled with God. The price is paid and indeed it is finished. Jesus fully paid for the price of sin.


“All we can do is to accept what He did as complete for our salvation. Through his suffering on the cross, we have life in abundance. We are blessed and highly favoured,” Reverend Murwira said.


Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, many good things came to life. These include financial breakthroughs, marital bliss, employment, good health and general wellbeing.


After the Passover celebration in Marondera, ZZCA Church leaders would visit the 10 provinces to administer the Holy Communion to congregants. After that, there will be a 14-day conference at Mupudzi Business Centre in Manicaland province. At the conference people are encouraged to bring their seeds, harvest and tools of trade for blessings.


At the Passover meeting held at Dombotombo Primary School in Marondera, the hand of God was witnessed at work. Evil spirits were cast out. People were healed and delivered from various ailments and problems.


The ZZCA church leadership is famous for accurate prophecies. In August 2017, Archbishop Chitope prophesied about the change of the political leadership and prayed against bloodshed. True to his prophecy, there was a peaceful transition in November 2017. The transition was regarded as the most peaceful in the world. The church also prayed for peace during and after the 2018 elections.


The ZZCA has two choral groups that have each recorded Gospel Music albums. These are Zvishamiso Zvedenga from Harare East and Holy Trumpet from Harare West. The third choral group from Marondera will release its debut album in June 2018.


The church is gender-sensitive and encourages equal access to education by both girls and boys. It is also against early child marriage.


“As a conservative church, we call upon all our prophets to be registered with the Apostolic Christian Council of Churches in Zimbabwe. For one to be a ZCCA prophet, s/he goes through a vigorous test. As the church, we always take measures to ensure our work is above board and within the confines of the Constitution.


“Like any other apostolic church, we call upon central government to provide cheaper stands to enable us to build church buildings, especially in the urban areas,” Reverend Murwira said.