100 Most Influential Africans of 2024 Award opens avenues for Engineer Edzai Kachirekwa


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Engineer Edzai Kachirekwa, the Executive Director of energy concern, Power Giants, has said receiving an award as one of the 100 Most Influential Africans of 2024 has opened avenues for his career and company.

Engineer Kachirekwa received the award at a glamorous event in Harare on 30 May 2024 that was graced by dignitaries including Burundi’s Minister of Foreign Affairs; Sudanese envoys; former ministers from Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, and Ivory Coast, CEOs of blu-chip companies from, Botswana, Namibia, and Somalia, just to name a few.

“This award has opened more avenues for me and Power Giants. I have now been invited to Singapore for the global awards where I’ve been nominated to also be a participant there. Very soon, I’ll be going to Zambia, where I’m also going to get an award and a doctorate,” Engineer Kachirekwa said.
According to the decorated electrical engineer, the award represents and reflects the hard-working nature of Zimbabweans at large.

“I’m dedicating this award to my fellow countrymen and women who have contributed immensely to my career. And I am dedicating it also to the president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, and the vice presidents of the Republic of Zimbabwe because they have opened every sector for us so that we can work as black citizens. At the same time, what this award also means to me is that Zimbabwe has become, or is a global giant in terms of human resources, and skills.
“We can talk about anything. Zimbabwe is rich in all those things. We should consider that we are not changing lives in Zimbabwe alone, we are changing lives in Africa. When we look at Power Giants in Southern and East Africa, we see that we now have a presence in Kenya, South Africa, and Zambia, and soon we will also be in Ghana, that is, West Africa. So what it then tells me is that there is a lot of trust now from the continent. The continent has realized that Kachirekwa is a man who can make things happen. It’s not about having billions in our accounts, but it’s about having a billion-dollar mindset where you can change any situation regardless of your geographical position.
“I am in Zimbabwe because what I want to see is a one united Africa, an Africa which can contribute to the global GDP, and Africa which must be able to make sure that in everything we do as Africa, we are recognized by the so-called superpowers. And Africa should become a superpower and the globe should shift and focus everything on Africa. Remember, Africa is the richest continent in the world. Africa is the richest continent, which has produced a lot of experts,” Engineer Kachikrekwa said.
He pledged to continue working for the citizens of this country, Zimbabwe, continue to lift the country’s flag so high and make Zimbabweans proud of him.
“I would also want to thank my wife, who has been there with me, my children, they’ve been there with me, members of the media, everyone. Sometimes, you know, you can’t tell by name, one by one. And I would want to thank my manager, Mr. Sowell Chiwari, who has been there, and he’s always there. I also pay special dedication to Mr. Moses Mugugunyeki from The Independent. Not forgetting all the media houses, we want to thank them. Classic 263, in particular, has been very instrumental in making sure that the voice goes wide,” he added.