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Betty Kaseke Foundation brings hope to vulnerable people during COVID-19

The Betty Kaseke Foundation – a humanitarian nonprofit organization formed with a vision of addressing the needs of the vulnerable members of the  Zimbabwean community is supporting the elderly, the orphans, the disabled and vulnerable women with clothing, sanitary wear and even with income-generating projects.

Dr. Betty Kaseke has been conferred with an honorary degree two years ago for her philanthropic work.

During the lockdown, the Foundation, led by  Dr. Betty Kaseke, has engaged in philanthropic activities through civic engagement and the donations of food hampers. The Foundation has happily added to public goodwill by donating food hampers and wheelchairs to the vulnerable and less privileged elderly and orphaned people in the community. The auspicious events have been attended by various community and church leaders. 

“When days are dark” is a statement that comes to a person who doesn’t see light at the end of the tunnel. Betty Kaseke Foundation was a shooting star to a granny in Kuwadzana extension who turned 102years in February this year.

Gogo Bondamakara from Mutoko was nothing short of tears when she received a wheelchair and food hampers from Dr. Betty Kaseke. Her daughter could not hide her joy as new dawn had come.

Gogo Bondamakara being carried onto the wheelchair

“Thank you so much Doctor Kaseke. I am a widow and you have come at an opportune time.  Zvaindiremera kugezesa kana kutakura mbuya nguva dzose asi nhasi Mwari vandinzwa,” she said. 

The Betty Kaseke Foundation has been extending a helping hand to the elderly and vulnerable members of the community during the partial lockdown in Kuwadzana extension and parts of Warren park and Kuwadzana East in Harare. 

Food hampers were distributed to the public and a follow-up program of the elderly followed to revamp the community and spread civic education on the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.  

The vulnerable receiving food hampers from Dr. Betty Kaseke

Churches were also some of the beneficiaries of the outreach program and the vulnerable members were the first beneficiaries.  The leader of the ECCZ Bishop Matsveru commented on the former legislator saying: “You have been outstanding Dr. Kaseke. We have voted for many people who have either won or lost but you…you have made a difference. You have come back to the community and this means a lot to us.”

 This was a sentiment that was passed in Kuwadzana before hundreds of beneficiaries who went away with food hampers. The Betty Kaseke Foundation donated more than two tonnes of rice and mealie meal to the disabled and elderly. 

The founder of the foundation Doc Betty Kaseke said the foundation has been doing door to door and cluster meetings from last week Sunday to date and more than 4000 beneficiaries have been assisted.  The Foundation is assisting in civic education and training of health measures as prescribed by the government and the World Health Organization. 

Kuwadzana East recorded 350 beneficiaries and one Sekuru Goto had this to say: “Thank you so much Honourable Kaseke. You have remembered us during this hard and trying time. Our families are not working and food supplies are not sufficient when most businesses are closed. Do this not just for us but also to other needy people.”

Dr. Betty Kaseke handing over a wheelchair and food hampers

The Foundation will be visiting other areas where there are a need and attention to the upkeep of the vulnerable members of the community.  tBetty Kaseke Foundation extended its activities to all vulnerable members of the community and has pledged to assist the government in areas of social development and civic engagement. 

The Foundation is thankful to its partners who have managed to keep the foundation running and also extend their gratitude to the Social welfare Ministry and all stakeholders for the help and assistance to the Foundation administration and outreach programs.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Dr. Betty Nhambu Kaseke who is the Founder and Chairperson  for Betty  Kaseke Foundation said the donation came after the realisation that the vulnerable community needed a lot of support as they were in danger of contracting Covid-19 since most of them can not feed themselves.

“Our vulnerable citizens frequently find themselves in a plethora of challenges and as Zimbabweans we should find ourselves offering our hand to these people. It is pleasing to note that our government through His Excellency The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde ED Mnangagwa has adopted the motto of leaving no one behind during this difficult period ensuring that the welfare of all it’s citizens is well catered for,” she said.

She went on to share a brief Vision of Betty Kaseke Foundation.

“The vision of Betty Kaseke Foundation is to contribute towards the promotion, respect, protection and full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms by all vulnerable people in Zimbabwe,”

She went on to further encourage the members of the community to pray and wish well to all Zimbabweans outside the country’s borders during this partial lockdown.  

“Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in the diaspora and wish them good health and protection. Let us be reminded that the COVID19 pandemic is real and is responsible for the death of thousands of people around the globe. It is not a racial disease but a global pandemic that will kill and destroy our communities if we do not observe the guidelines set out for us.”

The Betty Kaseke Foundation will be doing Outreach programs in surrounding areas like Mufakose and other communities to assist the community and government through civic engagement and community health services for the vulnerable and less privileged.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende