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COVID-19: Musician Poem Shoko releases single track

By Admire Zaemba

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected human beings in all facets of life and even threatened to wipe the human race on earth. In the midst of the Covi-19 pandemic, the Harare based seasoned gospel musician Poem Shoko and The Messengers of Christ composed a power-packed single track titled Kana Vanhu Vangu #Corona Virus.

The song gives hope to the human race and encourages the church to pray for the nation. “The message on my latest offering which is a single track Kana Vanhu Vangu #Corona Virus is giving people hope on this pandemic that God is our redeemer.” The Messenger of Christ band leader said. In addition to leading the vocals, Poem Shoko also plays soprano marimba in the band.

“I started writing, composing, and singing of gospel music in the year 2012,he said.

That same year the down to earth Poem Shoko did his first album called Mwari Baba and the album has got six tracks. Asked what had happened, Poem Shoko said “This was after we had a miscarriage, so it was my prayer to God to intervene. I did have enough money for the recording project, so God sent me well-wishers.”

To date, Poem Shoko has recorded five albums and two singles and is currently working on his 6th album which is expected to be released end of October 2020. Shoko also said no one inspired him but was born an artist.

Poem Shoko is not a fly-by-night musician as evidenced by the chain albums in his name. His second album with well-arranged seven tracks titled Jesu Variko was released in 2013 followed by Chasara Kunamata in 2014. In 2015 Poem Shoko and the Messengers of Christ released a single track titled Xenophobia.

The Xenophobia track was released following the eruption of an un-African attack of fellow Africans in South African. The fourth album with eight tracks is called Jehovah Jireh and was successfully recorded and launched in the year 2016. The fifth album, The Reflection of Glory of God with eight tracks was released in 2017

Poem Shoko and The Messengers of Christ band rarely do live shows except for church conferences. He is also a devoted Christian, a member of the AFM in Zimbabwe Kingdom Grace Centre. Covid-19 has not affected the band much but it has slowed down the recording project which was started in February 2020. Covid-19 has also affected much badly on the area of international marimba tours and as a marimba teacher, he is not working since schools are closed.

Shoko added, “I would like to say to my supporters that keep your hope high for the true Heavenly Kingdom message as God is using me to usher his people in his presence.”

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