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Dereck Mpofu, a shining music star

Dereck Mpofu

By Patricia Mashiri

The music industry is a life journey which needs perseverance, commitment and talent. For Dereck Mpofu, the musical journey started at the age of six when he realised his talent and remained focused on nurturing it.

Dereck was born in the late 80’s in Mutare. He attended his primary education at Baring Primary School, then Mutare Boys High School before proceeding to Upperview Theological College.

“My music journey started in 2004, when I was still in school when Ivy Kombo came for a crusade together with Bishop Kasi. I got an opportunity to perform on stage alongside them and they loved my talent.

“So I was offered a place at Gospel Train Records during the school holidays and after school. I was trained in sound engineering and production until I became head producer over the years,” Mpofu said.

Mpofu said he has four commercial albums and produced first ‘Handisirini’ in 2008 which performed fairly well on the market. In 2012 he released ‘Dr Philosophy’ which was produced by Mono Mukundu with the chart topper ‘Chisikana changu Zimbabwe’ which marked the beginning of his lovely journey in the music industry.

In 2016 and 2017 he released ‘Diplomatic Alliances’ and ‘Godobori’ respectively. Dereck also has a live recording DVD and environmental albums under his sleeve.

“Albert Nyathi is my role model and my mentor. Mono Mukunda is also one of the role models who is also a close friend. My favourite artists are R Kelly and Jabu Khanyile,” Mpofu said.

The young artist said he always loved music and found his voice at the age of six. He got his inspiration from Michael Jackson and Jabu Khanyile in the way that they revolutionised art.

“Music has opened new avenues in my life. I’m Zimbabwe’s Environmental Ambassador as well as a health champion. The music industry has showed me the world. I have travelled all over the world and have access to many people who occupy high positions in the society. All I can say is God has blessed me indeed and I’m grateful,” Mpofu said.

“The greatest challenge I faced in the music industry is breaking into a large audience. It takes times for people to appreciate your music and requires a lot of work to be known all over. Financial benefits from the music business are non-existent at the moment due to lack of a proper industry,” Mpofu said.

The artist has interest in charity work. He is hoping to start projects which will target the less privileged in the country. He is also interested in health and environment advocacy.

“I expect to grow my brand locally, regionally as well as internationally. I want to raise the profile of my country in a big way. My message to all the upcoming artists is that they need to persevere in whatever they wish to do because dreams are not achieved over night,” Mpofu said.

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