Elias Machemedze’s book “Story of the Role of Herbert Chitepo in Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle” to be studied at O’level


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Writes Chimeno Azriel

Zimbabwe’s talented writer, Elias Machemedze’s book about Herbert Chitepo has been included in Zimbabwe’s Educational Curriculum and is to be studied by Zimbabwe’s Ordinary Level students.

The book Story Of the Role of Herbert W. Chitepo in Zimbabwes Liberation Struggle was approved by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and will be used as a Resource Book for History and Heritage Studies by Ordinary Level learners. The book is a study guide to Zimbabwe’s History, Heritage, and journey to Independence.

The talented creative writer, Machemedze, said he was over the moon to have his new book included in Zimbabwe’s new curriculum and approved to be studied by Ordinary Level learners in Zimbabwe.

“I am very happy to note that the book I wrote about the role of liberation war hero, Herbert Chitepo, has been approved by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for it to be studied by Ordinary-level students. The book chronicles the history of one of the first black Advocates in Zimbabwe’s Liberation Struggle,” said Machemedze.

According to Elias, the book is all about the life and works of the legendary hero of the Second Chimurenga, Herbert Chitepo, together with the history of the Zimbabwe Liberation Struggle. The book was published by Literature Uproar PBC and the publishing company aims amongst other elements, to advance the country’s history, education, and culture.

Born Elias Machemedze on the 4th December 1977 in Gono Village, Shamva, the talented writer started writing books in 1996 and has written five published books which include Nherera Zvirange, Moyo lnzenza, Kupotsa Kwegodzi, and Sarawoga – an old world novel which was made an Ordinary Level Shona Set book by Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council ( ZIMSEC ) from 2008-2011. The book on Herbert Chitepo has been included in the new curriculum studied in schools as an O’Level History and Heritage Studies Resource Book.

“I give thanks to the Almighty God for guiding me to write the novels. I am glad to say that all my books were well received in the Literature Industry and I pray that I continue writing books that will continue to be received,” said Machemedze who resides in Shamva.

The 179-page book was approved by the Ministry of Education so that it can be studied by Ordinary level students in history and heritage studies because of its richness in the history of the Liberation Struggle as well as the heritage of Zimbabwean Shona Culture.

In the book, Machemedze went down memory lane and narrated Herbert Chitepo as a brilliant orphan who hailed from Bonda in Nyanga, Manicaland Province. Herbert Chitepo, who later went to England through Anglican Church, studied for a law degree (LLB). On his return, he became the first black Advocate in Zimbabwe. He became a darling to many when he successfully represented the prisoners of the Zimbabwe Liberation Struggle including the late Ndabaningi Sithole, Simon Muzenda, Robert Mugabe, and others.

Chitepo had to leave his work as an Advocate and joined others in the Liberation Struggle to fight the black oppressors. He was among the first person to organise the liberation freedom fighters who fought the Rhodesian Government.

Herbert Chitepo was a Zimbabwean politician and nationalist leader who led the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) until he was assassinated in March 1975. He was born on June 15, 1923, into a peasant family in Watsomba rural community near Bonda in Mutasa District. He defended many nationalists. He was the chairman of Zanu’s War Council or Dare ReChimurenga. He was assassinated on March 18, 1975, in Lusaka, Zambia.