Entrepreneurs urged to embrace technology

Young entrepreneurs were encouraged to embrace the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to explore business opportunities during the Global Youth Service Commemorations held at SADACNET Parkade in the CBD on Friday.
Speaking at the event held by the Zimbabwe United Nations Association (ZUNA), SADACNET representative Kudzaishe Marega said ICT connects entrepreneurs to more stakeholders.
“ICT has introduced us to globalization thus you can now be able to sell you products on a global scale with very limited expenses.
“It gives you an almost equal opportunity to compete with big corporate entities as an entrepreneur in this way,  it levels the playing field and gives you a fighting chance, so we need to embrace it and put it to good use,” he said.
Marega said entrepreneurs must make it a priority to have websites so as to authenticate their businesses.
“You have to have a website so that possible customers and investors can easily access information about your business,” he added.
“With a website people take you more seriously and you can also sell products online or introduce your products to new customers who can then come and physically purchase from you.”
Maregera also encouraged entrepreneurs to learn more on how to manage and conduct their business through online education.
“Rather than only use the internet to socialize with your peers, you can also use it to expand your knowledge through different online courses or reading available information which is mostly free.”
Meanwhile, VIVA representative Mr N Moyo said ICT can be used to generate financing for different projects.
“There are a lot of grants that are availed through the internet which can be used to finance business,” he said.
“You can also use crowd funding to generate the investment you need to develop your projects.”
The Global Youth Service commemorations were hosted ZUNA in conjunction with internet service provider, SADACNET and VIVA.
At least 20 young entrepreneurs attended.