Good Care Pre-school an academic centre of learning for infants

Good Care Pre-school emphasises artistic expression, fosters creativity, and follows the interests of the children to develop project-based curriculum. We also incorporate the best ideas from diverse childhood developmental philosophies to create a well-rounded educational and development programmes. We believe that children learn through play, and that a play-based programme will develop a life-long love of school and learning.

Good Care Preschool was started in January 2011, in a small cottage with very few students. As the weeks went by, the numbers began to increase, which created the need for a larger vehicle to deliver the children to their homes and pick them up for school every morning. After a year, there was not enough space in the cottage for the children, which resulted in the preschool moving to its current location, at 1736 Knowe Phase 1, Norton, Zimbabwe. The new location allowed the preschool to have a larger playground, which is aligned with the school’s philosophy of teaching the children through play. Good Care preschool then introduced swimming classes as well as computer classes, which was a first in Norton which very few other preschools have been able to introduce to their centres.

What does a typical day at your school look like?

Infants and their parents set the learning schedule! Good care strives to match the parenting style to ensure continuity of care. During their “free play” time children (based on age and ability) can paint (we start this at 18 months!), explore, build and destroy, listen to stories, dance, play musical instruments, climb, experience texture and scents and go on nature walks. Our classroom is active and vibrant!

Toddlers are very busy. The only time they are required to sit is when they are eating. They continue to build and expand on the Infant room activities. Their environments: the classroom, attached yard and large toddler playground, are structured to enhance these experiences, minimise conflict, encourage exploration and meet developmental needs.

The classes are structured to allow children ample time in small and large group teacher led and child initiated activities. Our day begins with free play, singing signals our transition to breakfast before classes start.

We see our playground as an extension of our classrooms. Interwoven with our climbing structures, sandboxes, and slides, quiet spots, and dramatic play areas. we also do cyclng and gymnastics.
At the end of the day, children feel good about what they have accomplished and look forward to returning the next.

What makes our school special?

We value the individual child. At Good Care, our intimate classroom settings make it possible for our teachers to embrace as many moments of individual child explorations as possible. Our daily schedule focuses towards the child and their creativity. If children are deeply engaged in a magical land of dramatic play, if their block building has hit its ultimate peak, or if their painting just spattered all over their face to an entirely new level of excitement… clean up, snack, nap, or whatever happens to be next in our day can wait.

Preschool is where imagination soars. At our Good care, pretend play is cherished, creativity is embraced, and learning is experienced. At Good care, individuality is acknowledged, welcomed, and adapted into our classroom and curriculum with open arms.

Since its launch, Good care preschool has been the leading preschool in Norton, integrating traditional teaching methods with new technology to ensure that all the students are a step ahead everyone else.

This brought about the birth of David Mascott Country School which opened its doors to the public in 2016 since parents preferred our way of teaching.

The primary school is the best so far in Norton which came first in chess tournament. Children from Good Care Pre-school are guaranteed places at David Mascott Country School since the two schools are sisters.