How Can a 50-Year-Old Woman Still Build Muscle


Loss of muscle is an inevitable aspect of aging, and doctors call this condition sarcopenia. According to studies, this condition comes with various undesirable side effects and can leave one vulnerable to different health conditions. There are multiple things you can do to build and retain your muscle after 50 years. For women, this is notably harder than men, especially since women have significantly lower testosterone. Women naturally have fewer muscles and lose more muscle mass into their 50s and 60s. However, making little adjustments can help you regain lean muscles and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few insights to help you build lean muscles after 50 years:

Eat more proteins

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles in both men and women. When you eat protein, it immediately goes through metabolism and is sent to the muscles. Consuming an adequate amount of protein can help you preserve existing muscles and provide enough nutrients for the growth of new tissues and cells. On the other hand, over-dieting and avoiding protein can result in significant muscle loss as the body will use up your muscles to provide energy.

According to studies, you should take at least 46 grams of protein per day to trigger muscle growth after 50. As a general rule of thumb, you should eat 0.8 grams per kilogram you weigh. Make sure you get your protein from a wide variety of food options, including plants and animals. Some of the best sources include eggs, chicken, lean beef, lamb, veal, fish, oats, yogurt, almonds, broccoli, tuna, and soybean, among others.

Exercise regularly

Eating more protein and other food classes will provide essential nutrition for building lean muscles. However, your body will only trigger growth if you are using existing muscles. Exercise is a great way to exhaust your muscles and cause small tears inside muscle fibers. During rest, your body will use up nutrients from the food you consume to repair these tears and trigger the growth of bigger, stronger muscles. You do not necessarily need to spend hours in the gym. Simple exercises such as walking, jogging, running, and lifting small weights can help you reach muscle hypertrophy and spark new growth. However, you need to be consistent with your workouts to start seeing the changes you desire.

Use supplements and organic nutrients

Eating protein alone will not ensure maximum muscle growth after 50. You still need a balance of the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal body functions. It is recommendable to supplement your protein and nutrient intake with natural organic supplements. These supplements deliver vital nutrients your muscle needs to grow bigger and function better. Make sure you choose high-quality, effective supplements on the market. This should not be a daunting task with the advancement in technology. You can even buy steroids in Canada and get them delivered to your doorsteps.

Stay hydrated

Muscles contain 25% protein and 75% water and other soluble carbs and micronutrients. As such, it is essential to stay hydrated at all times, especially when you are working out. Hydration also helps you to eliminate harmful radicals and salts from the body. According to studies, women need around 2,200ml of water per day to maintain optimal body functions. You can also increase your daily consumption of other beverages to ensure your body is never dehydrated.

Get proper rest and recovery

Studies have shown that growth happens during rest and recovery periods. After a long day of breaking down your tissues and causing tears in your muscles, the body makes repairs at night when you sleep. Therefore, it is crucial that you get enough excellent night quality sleep. In addition to repairing torn muscles, rest and sleep allow you to wake up rejuvenated and ready for more strenuous activities.



You should also break away from your workout routines to enable recovery and set new objectives. A good ratio is to workout 4-5 days every week. For sleep, take a good 7 hours to allow maximum muscle growth and recovery. One popular way to promote muscle relaxation, rest, and deep sleep is through cannabis products like CBD oil. If you live in British Columbia, Canada, you can find reputable BC dispensary online retailers that allow you to mail order CBD and cannabis products.


For a woman, building muscle after 50 is not going to be a walk in the park. You need to stay consistent and work toward your goals. As such, you should establish a way to monitor your progress and measure the results you are getting from your activities. It is also essential to do your calorie calculations and choose high-quality food ingredients that can help you achieve your goals. Growing sizeable muscles will take some effort and time. However, if you have the determination to build bigger muscles, it is an entirely achievable feat. Also, make sure you establish a supportive lifestyle that includes avoiding stress, drug abuse, and destructive habits like cigarette smoking.

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