Huawei Mini Mobile World Congress: Digitisation presents new opportunities for business growth


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Digitalization is sweeping nearly all industries globally and creates ever-new opportunities for business growth and Africa is no exception, the Vice President of Huawei Sub-Saharan Africa, Mr. Phil Li said at the Mini Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Harare that kicked off yesterday, the 6th of May and will run until the 8th of May 2024.
The congress comes as the industry is rife with opportunities for new growth. According to the host Huawei, as networks, cloud, and artificial intelligence converge, all aspects of life are becoming more digital and intelligent than ever.
Huawei is working closely with carriers and partners in Southern Africa, NetOne included, to strengthen digital infrastructure, build out the ecosystem, and unleash the full of all connections.
Personalized user experience, versatile business models, and scalable industrial applications are key success factors as customer demands continue to evolve.
To meet these demands, there is a need to keep evolving digital infrastructure, too. Together with carriers and partners on the African continent, Huawei has fostered a growing and prosperous 5G industry. Going forward, it is working with stakeholders to lay the groundwork for digitalizing industry and society.

“In Zimbabwe, we have the Digital Vision 2030. Digitalization is raising new trends such as cloudification, Al, and so on. All this requires an advanced network infrastructure as the base for the country,” Mr Li said.
Addressing the same gathering, NetOne Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO), Engineer Raphael Mushanawani, said as the leading mobile operator in Zimbabwe and a state-owned company, NetOne is responsible for building national network infrastructure and providing high-quality and wide-coverage mobile networks for 16 million Zimbabweans.
“As NetOne’s most loyal partner and the world-leading ICT company, Huawei has been operating in Zimbabwe for more than 25 years since 1998.
There have been plenty of great results achieved by the hard work of both Huawei and NetOne teams in 2023. We completed the rollout of 200 sites in the NMBB phase 3, greatly improving network coverage and capacity. In December, we completed the Harare Cloud Core Network Cutover in less than 45 days. The downlink throughput increased by 300%, helping NetOne to have continuous revenue growth. Over Christmas, social media was surprised by the improvement NetOne made to its network.
“We are glad to see Huawei’s contribution to digitalize Zimbabwe. Over the past 25 years, Huawei and NetOne have grown together and jointly provided Zimbabwe with the most widely covered mobile network. Both the NMBB Phase III project and the cloud core network upgrade last year have greatly improved our network quality and increased our revenue.
“This year, we have started the LTE expansion project, and we have seen that this project has greatly increased traffic and improved our user experience as Huawei presented. We believe that Huawei, as our best partner, has never stopped supporting NetOne and will help NetOne achieve our vision and mission in the next 25 years,” Engineer Mushanawani added.