Palestinian top diplomat warns Israeli military against carrying out an offensive in Rafah


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In an unprecedented move to annihilate Palestinians in Gaza, the Israeli military ordered Palestinians to move out of Rafah in preparation to launch its attack on Rafah – a city in southern Gaza that is the last resort for 1.4 million civilians displaced by the brutal Israeli aggression or genocide.
The order follows a night of intense Israeli bombardment that killed 22 people in Rafah, including eight children.
Ambassador Dr Tamer Almassri, the Ambassador of Palestine to Zimbabwe warns that a military offensive in Rafah would cause mass atrocities and it would cause mass civilian deaths.
He said that was a dangerous escalation that would have consequences and called on the international community and Israel’s allies to put a stop to this.
Dr Almassri stressed that the Palestinian people will not leave their homeland and will continue to resist the Israeli occupation through all means necessary according to international law to achieve their independent state.
“Israeli policies of genocide, and displacement will never liquidate the Palestinian cause but rather increase instability within the region and the world,” Ambassador Almassri warned.
At least 34,683 Palestinians have been killed and 78,018 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 2023.