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Isheanesu Investments leading clothing manufactures in Zimbabwe

Isheanesu investments

By Byron Mutingwende


Isheanesu Investments is the leading company that trains cutting and designing technicians and manufactures a wide range of clothing products in Chitungwiza and the rest of Zimbabwe.


The company has grown big from a humble background. Isheanesu Investment (Private) Limited started with one machine operating from home at 9283 Unit K in Seke, Chitungwiza and was registered in January 2015 under the Companies Act (Chapter 24:03).


In an interview with Spiked Online Media at her factory located at Young Africa Skills Centre in Chitungwiza, Mrs Agnes Chihwamira said she has a vision of training many people countrywide on cutting and designing.


“I have a passion in cutting design and technology. At present, I am teaching 43 students short courses that last for six months. During the course we teach our students to do basic tailoring and pattern making. As they grasp the concepts, we also manufacture uniforms, work-suits, hospital linen, casual wear, security uniforms and corporate wear for businesses. This work is done by competent professionals that we train,” Mrs Chihwamira said.


The company achieves its vision by packaging and offering innovative business inventions and solutions through marketing, training and advisory services delivered through a network of strategically located branches throughout the region where it has got small-to-medium enterprises.


The company will seek to enhance shareholder value through managed organisational and financial performance with growth; continuously improve the welfare of its employees within the constraints of its financial resources and to also contribute to the welfare of the communities within which it operates.

Mrs Chihwamira said that in today’s globally competitive markets, one needs timely, reliable, high quality and reputable machine and adequate stocks including materials to enable timely supplies to customers.


“As a result, reliable machines, stocks, and innovative human resources are our key reputation. We at Isheanesu Investment will prove the solutions to the jigsaw puzzle by providing the cost effective tailor made products to organisations for their requirements,l” Mrs Chihwamira said.


Isheanesu Investment supplies protective clothing, school uniform, Security Guards uniforms and sporting attire. At the moment it is also manufacturing cold room suits and ISO certified uniforms for meat processors.


Some of the clients of Isheanesu Investments include Irvines Zimbabwe, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, Surrey Meats in Marondera, Colcom, Chitungwiza Central Hospital, Gilta Security, Dairibord Zimbabwe and Card Pro, just to mention a few.


“Our target market includes construction companies, security guards companies, non-governmental organisation, urban and rural institutions such as schools and health centres as well as ordinary people.

“Isheanesu Private Limited intents to become a major stakeholder and establish itself as one of the finest supplier and distributer of these products with clean reputable record in its business.”


At present, the company boasts of experienced and innovative personnel and strategically located business premises in Chitungwiza.


The prime objective of the company is to put in place projects and initiatives that will enable it to meet its stakeholders’ expectations and to be the leader in the supply and or distribution of such clothing.


“We aim to be the leader not only in the professional, ethical, effective and efficient services, but also in the facilitating trade and economic development and there by contributing to building a strong self-sufficient nation


“We believe in creating and maintaining saliency through good will emanating from customer satisfaction through our products and transparent transactions.

We exist for the customer because consumption is the sole and purpose of every production and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to only as far as it may be necessary to promote that of the customer,” Mrs Chihwamira added.



The company came into being at the time when nation is going through an extremely challenging economic environment, but in formulating its cooperative plan; it has taken full cognisance of the challenges that lie ahead of it. Isheanesu Investments is determined to explore the opportunities that lie in the challenges


It said the major constrain in this country is the ever increasing prices of the imported products coupled with second hand clothes. With adequate financial support, Isheanesu Investments intends to supply Zimbabwe and the region and help the country rise from its knees economically.


Isheanesu Investments is a member of the Zimbabwe Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC). The company donates school uniforms to the less privileged members of the community in Seke, Chitungwiza. At Seke 6 High Schools, Mrs Chihwamira donated uniforms to 120 students. At Seke 8 Vimbayi Primary School, they donated uniforms to 30 disadvantaged children.

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