June Month of Radicalism: MDC Youth National Assembly


By Tatenda Mujeyi

The MDC National Youth Assembly has declared June as a month of radical responses to the economic and social challenges they blame on the ZANU PF administration.

The youth assembly’s first press briefing since their election at congress last month emphasised the radical approaches needed to deal with the ZANU PF government.

“After our national council today, we are putting the regime on notice. We shall soon be exercising our constitutional right to express our displeasure at the mis-governance and cluelessness that has brought poverty on the people of Zimbabwe who can barely afford to buy basics to feed the families,” MDC National Youth Chairperson Obey Sithole told a press conference today.

The MDC youth emphasised that the people of Zimbabwe would definitely be part of the revolts as they had had enough suffrage following the economic collapse attributed to the Zanu PF Government.

“As progressive young people of Zimbabwe, we are concerned about the deteriorating socio-economic crisis in Zimbabwe. We will not watch while citizens are being oppressed and our parents needlessly harassed. As an assembly, we are very much alive to the fact that the author of all these challenges is one political party, Zanu PF, which in itself is in an advanced state of decomposition, which decomposition has been spreading cancerously in every facet of the nation,” Sithole said.

The youth assembly argued their radical response was necessitated by the radical form of governance that the Zanu PF government was using to rule.

“It is against this background that the youth assembly today agreed on a confrontational approach in dealing with this corrupt and illegitimate military regime,” the MDC National Youth Chairperson further added.

The MDC Youth Assembly emphasised the constitutional rights enshrined by the constitution as allowing them to adopt this confrontational approach.

“Confrontation is constitutionally permissible under the supreme law of the land that we made ourselves as Zimbabweans. We are taking the decision to confront this regime knowing fully well that the answer to the national question lies in this generation which has a future to safeguard,” Sithole added.

The MDC national youth assembly bemoaned the operational modalities of the Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa administration on violating human rights and lying.

“We have noted with concern that Emmerson Mnangagwa has not reformed and will never reform as he wants us to believe in his biggest lie packed as a ‘New Dispensation’. This regime has been living on borrowed time, using covert Gestapo and fascist tactics,” said the combative chairperson.

The threats come at a time the economy is facing economic challenges, calls by civic groups to demonstrate and the revolts on January 14 that left civilians dead and shops looted.

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