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Youths demand to be heard: Youths Voice Mass Movement Organisation launched


In a move to ensure inclusive youth participation in the government and national exercises, a youth-oriented organisation called Youth Voice Mass Movement that is directed towards uplifting the youths and advocating for peace and unity to the country’s current upheavals has been launched.

Addressing a press conference recently, the Founding President of Youth Voice Mass Movement and the Provincial Youth Chairperson in youth development and humanitarian work sector, Tinashe Nyagunzu said youth development constitutes the national development and is the first resource required for transformation hence their capabilities must not be underestimated.

He said opportunities should not be partisan and politicised, but should be unveiled to everyone regardless of gender, religious, culture, tribes or political party citing that the youths should speak out and their voices in order to be heard and considered.

“We call upon young people to voice out. The Youths Voice Mass Movement is pressing government for effective reforms towards political and economic tension in our country so to accommodate youth development and humanitarian action. We, the young people of Zimbabwe argue that violence, force and intimidation prohibit effective youth participation and humanitarian action,” he said.

Nyagunzu went on to say that it is the duty of every young person to influence and press government to conduct reforms to accommodate the majority that is the youth demographic dividend in Zimbabwe saying that violence, conflicts or demonstrating is not the solution to societal change.

He said that politicians should preach peace and engage in dialogue that is systematic and results oriented.

“Only peace can bring prosperity because two cannot walk together without a treaty. We are urging those who are plotting for mass demonstrations to destroy our inheritance to refrain and stop contemplating this madness and work hard toward liberating themselves from poverty,” Nyagunzu said.

He encouraged the young people to become the custodians of their own development by protecting and working hard to fend for their families and be unwavering in showing respect for parents and elders and assist them anytime.

Nyagunzu also said there should be promotion of young people’s participation in national development programs, democratic and civic decision making processes at every level. He reiterated that his organisation is geared towards uplifting youth development services and programs with the sole conviction that all these initiatives should be youth-driven and youth-centred.


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Byron Adonis Mutingwende