Kadoma Ensemble Dreams Big

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Arts Correspondent

A Kadoma-based choral group has vowed to mark its name in the gospel music annals in Zimbabwe.

The six-year-old Kadoma Gospel Choir is set to release its third album, Worship Revolution, on the 15th of May 2024.

Speaking ahead of the album launch, a member of the group, Denver Rukato, took this writer to how the group has been growing to be one of the rising ensembles.

“We are an interdenominational group and we have been in the gospel music scene since 2018. This year on the 24th of March, we celebrated our 6th anniversary. From our previous albums, we had Baba Tumai Mweya and Kana Zita Renyu Radanwa which rocked our national airwaves.

“This has spurred us on,” Rukato said.

The choral group sings hymns and choruses. It has been working with the stable, Craftec Studios, under producer Luther Sekelani and his co-producer Comfort Mukarati.

Turning to the new offering, Rukato said it’s an 8 -8-track album.

The forthcoming album boasts 7 tracks, Makadzorera – a song that gives a reference to what Job lost and how much God restored for him. Then ‘Pinda’ which is a soul-winning gem reminding people to be righteous while there is still time.

“Another one is Nokutenda – a direct quote from the scripture that says weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning,” he revealed.

This writer had a feel of the album and fell head over heels with ‘Mukuru Wemazuva’ which has a ‘Dancehall feel’ to it.

The other songs that complete the album are Ndimi Makafanira, Siyaya (a Ndebele praise song), Manifest, and Makatendeka which features Psalmist Zayna.

The group draws its inspiration from local choral groups like Joyful Praise, Zimpraise, and FIG Worship Culture. Regionally, Joyous Celebration has played a major influence on the group’s music.