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Medical Doctor accused of abusing girls

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Abuse of girls by anyone, let alone a medical doctor, is unheard of and must be condemned in the strongest of terms by all progressive forces.

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Spiked Online has hidden the identity of the doctor for now since this is a developing story with threats to the reporter

A prominent medical practitioner and business man is allegedly abusing and pimping young girls in Harare’s CBD, making a killing off this business venture which is quite common in the western world, it has been learnt.

The University of Zimbabwe trained doctor who fellowships at a prestigious church in Borrowdale and is also the chairperson of one of the leading banks and several other boards has been accused of causing mayhem in the lives of many unsuspecting wealthy Harare men on whom he unleashes his girls for them to dig as much gold from – to the greater extent for his own benefit.

Sources close to this publication say allege that the doctor’s plot to loot as much as he can from his targets has partnered with 26-year-old single mother and wannabe socialite.

The accomplice, a former Catholic University student and Black Opal Face of Zimbabwe finalist, usually targets older men as she conducts her monkeyshines with the doctor.

The 26-year-old self-acclaimed choreographer and teacher is alleged to also seduce affluent men till she gets to harvest their riches.

According to our sources the doctor has been implicated in swindling a property from her ex-lover (name supplied).

“Being the Doctor’s best ‘agent’, they often travel together all-around Zimbabwe and abroad, whilst other ladies in the scheme are confined within the landlocked country,” the source alleged.

Staff at an exclusive lodge in South Africa confirmed to this publication that the Doctor often brings her accomplice to their quarters.

Several prominent, prosperous male associates of the Doctor are often seen coming and going from the lodgings after being serviced by him.

The Doctor revealed to a close friend that he has similar arrangements for her with clients in Europe.

Though it might appear a cool deal they have going, sources close to the Doctor say it is not.

“She is forced to sleep with various wealthy local and foreign men and the Doctor takes all the money.

“He was almost financially ruined at one time due to her exploits she managed to get him back on his feet,” said the source on basis of anonymity.

It is said he has manipulated her so much he has separated her from her family.

Another close friend confirmed she recently separated from a prominent businessman who is now out of the country in fear of his life from the Doctor as he does not want anyone to get to close to her.

The Doctor who has a dark fetish for young girls is also said to be drugging his girlfriend using his knowledge in medicine. This makes the girl unstable and he takes control of her.

Having made the girlfriend his own making, pimping her and sharing her spoils he never wants to lose power over her.

The Doctor tries to manage a very private life; however he has been spotted several times with young girls most of whom he takes to his Glen Lorne home.

The girlfriend was only 22 when she met the Doctor who offered her a job at his  Investments Company.

The situation has been made dire by the fact that senior leaders at the Borrowdale who were alerted by people regards the conduct of the doctor decided to shove the matter under the carpet.

The reaction by the Church leaders is typical of many churches nowadays – whereby affluent members are caught up in scandals, leaders are passive but when it’s an ordinary church member they release their full wrath.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend is one of the mentors at a Teen pageant. But what would such a character impart on these teenage girls?

The art of becoming a call girl? The thought of her mentoring the teenagers is disgusting.

On the other hand, the Doctor has been getting cosy with the girlfriend’s young daughter.

Friends to the 26-year-old say this is something worrying as they feel the doctor can one day decide to abuse the innocent child who to some degree sees him as her father figure

If he could have the audacity to mess with a 22-year old’s mind and make her his money-making machine four years later, who knows if he does not crossover and becomes a paedophile?

When contacted for comment on Wednesday, the Doctor fumed and warned that those responsible for trying to taint his name would not go unpunished.

“This is utter mischief being peddled by people with a clearly defined agenda to tarnish his image and social image and social standing. This will not go unpunished,” said the Doctor before hanging up.

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