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Model Nicole Madimutsa on Miss Supra-eminence Global Pageant

Model Nicole Madimutsa

Zimbabwean Model, Miss Nicole Madimutsa embarked on the journey of MEA 2021 competing with other 25 African countries, and emerged the winner. The Queen was accompanied by Cameroon as the first runner up and Nigeria second runner up. She has the opportunity to select the next international Ambassador through the Miss Supra-eminence Global organization as a process of learning and growing the Nation’s venture in the modelling industry with the hope of going Global.

The brand works towards motivating the youths to follow their dreams, take up space and not be afraid to shine their light. It aims at empowering, especially the young girl child, to be comfortable and confident in their own skin as an African Queen.

“We embrace diversity, uniqueness, and talent – pushing forward the motive of innovation by talent, creating internal and global opportunities,” Nicole said.

The prestigious event will be held on April 23, 2022, at Marina Casino, Longcheng Plaza, Belvedere. The event will commence at 1800 hours.

“In this edition, we celebrate and acknowledge the role of Zimbabwean and African heroes in the social, economic, and recreational facets through the medium of fashion. This is an opportunity for organizations to showcase, support, and promote networking for the youth designers, retailers, and models in the fashion sector in Zimbabwe. This will greatly increase brands’ visibility in the Zimbabwe market and ensure that the entrepreneurial efforts of models and designers are not in vain.

“To our advantage, this opportunity, with great execution, will contribute to putting the Nation on a global platform. It brings about tourism in Zimbabwe as contestants and families visit the country and help market Zimbabwe and broaden networking with other Africans as we get to host the international show of Miss Eloquent Africa 2022 in September. This comes with the great responsibility of having a great local show and requires large sponsorship. Hence, we appeal for assistance for an amazing final show venue, accommodation to host the models’ boot camp, workshops, and gifts for our victorious Queens for Zimbabwe’s first edition on 23 April.

“We look forward to doing great works as we grow and for the betterment of our Nation’s modelling industry. All sponsors and partners are welcome to join us on this exciting and empowering journey,” Nicole added.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende