No compromise on sovereignty, equal status: TRNC President tells UN envoy


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Writes Mehmet Kemal Firik

The president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) reiterated the uncompromising position of the Turkish Cypriot side to the UN representative on Wednesday regarding sovereign equality and equal international status for official negotiations with the Greek Cypriot side in Cyprus.

In a meeting held at the presidential office, Ersin Tatar received Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar, the personal representative of the UN Secretary-General on Cyprus, for discussions that lasted about an hour.

Following the meeting, Tatar addressed journalists, emphasizing that Cuellar’s mission was to explore the possibility of a common ground for transitioning to a new and official negotiation process.

He underscored that without such common ground, initiating a meeting or restarting a negotiation process would be futile.

Drawing attention to the impending conclusion of Cuellar’s term on July 5, Tatar stressed the necessity for an objective report from Cuellar encompassing pertinent truths.

Reiterating the prerequisite for recognizing the acquired rights of the Turkish Cypriot side to engage in negotiations, the TRNC leader affirmed that it would not compromise on the principles of sovereign equality and equal international status.

“I conveyed to the UN that there is no change in our stance,” Tatar affirmed. “I once again expressed to Cuellar our stance that negotiations can only be initiated with the confirmation of sovereign equality and equal international status.”

Cuellar said she conveyed the importance of the international community’s support for the resolution in Cyprus to Tatar.

“Everybody wants to move forward in the whole island. So now the responsibility of the leaders is to do something, and I hope they can listen to people,” she said.

Cuellar’s visit marks her third trip to Cyprus since being appointed by the UN Secretary-General to assess the potential for common ground between the parties. Her stay on the island is anticipated until May 14.