Refuting False Narratives about Apostle B. Java’s Encounter with Prophet Angel


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Writes Natalie Hove
The recent viral image depicting the two religious leaders, Apostle Batsiranai Java and Prophet Uebert with a misleading caption suggesting an apology from the Apostle has been exposed as a malicious fabrication.
The meeting between Apostle Java and Prophet Angel was not about seeking forgiveness, as falsely claimed by misinformed individuals. The rush to judgment and spread of misinformation within a mere 24-hour period is a troubling indication of the eagerness to tarnish the reputation of Apostle Java.
Apostle Java, known for his unwavering faith and commitment to his principles, remains steadfast in his mission to spread the Gospel and lead others towards spiritual enlightenment. Despite facing unwarranted attacks from jealous individuals like Jay Israel, Apostle Java continues to uphold his integrity and serve as a role model for his followers.
The orchestrated smear campaign against Apostle Java by Prophet Eubert Angel is part of a larger pattern aimed at undermining the credibility of religious figures to maintain power.
Apostle Java remains focused on his divine calling without being swayed by baseless accusations.
It is imperative to separate fact from fiction and recognize Apostle Java’s unwavering dedication to his faith and ministry. The truth must prevail, and the integrity of religious leaders like Apostle Java must be upheld in the face of malicious attacks and deceitful agendas.