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Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: The Real Deal


By Tendai Guvamombe

Few days ago Zimbabwe joined community of nations in ratifying the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, a move which came at the back of mass production of nuclear warheads by giant powers threatening world disorder, a fiasco which could eventually turn into a global crisis.

Science in its unique form is sobering but could pose a germ of destruction to the whole world if it goes unchecked.

A unique sense has ignited into a collective interaction between international diplomats and scientists in order to reach a common understanding on the implications of nuclear explosions and devising mechanisms on mitigating their existence.

Against this background Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Retired Lieutenant General Sibusiso B Moyo speaking at the just held National Seminar on Nuclear Test Ban articulated on the negative effects of nuclear weapons that nations gain nothing from exhibiting self destructive objects.

“On this critical matter we call upon the Nuclear Weapon States to start negotiations on nuclear disarmament in good faith without delay and all scientific evidence suggests that there will be no winners from a nuclear war.”

History has already proven through catastrophes exhibited during the 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosives in Japan the bad picture of a doomed world surpassing a level beyond extinction of species.         

CTBTO, a preparatory commission in the quest to end nuclear explosions headquartered in Vienna, plays significant role in its intrinsic value as a nuclear disarmament and non proliferation instrument.    

In light of this view Dr Lassina Zerbo Executive Secretary of CTBTO challenged the global powers to drift away from destructive conscience and envy a world that values human lives marked with generational sustainability.

“We gain nothing in launching nuclear wars which may harm us and compromise our future generations. We should focus on valuing human lives first before anything else regardless of race and creed.”     

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