Pee Kay urges record labels to embrace new ideas


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Rapper, Pee Kay (real name Patrick Kahari) has encouraged record companies and musicians to embrace new marketing methods instead of crying over piracy.
The musician who is well known from his yesteryear hit Ma1 which features Peace Ndlovu a.k.a BaShupi said piracy is positive.
“The only negative of piracy is to those stuck in old set up were people rely on selling CDs,” said Pee Kay.
He said piracy popularises music which opens one to more bookings for live performances.
Pee Kay said, “We have a situation whereby someone pays pirates to load to their flash discs or memory cards for a dollar or even more.
“Why not make mobile downloads sites so people are not forced to go and pirate music instead of just downloading it online for a small fee?”  
He added that most record labels will fall if they do not embrace technology and the new world market.
 “We must remember not adapting to change can destroy companies.
“A good example is when Kodak failed to adapt to digital photography at a time when everyone was going digital, now they are trying to come back with digital cameras but the market is already dominated by other competitors,” said Peekay.
Meanwhile, the musician urged radio stations to use the 75 percent local flavour concept to promote quality local music.
“I salute our radio stations for playing local music but I do have a problem with them not censoring on quality,” he said.
He added that disc jockeys should scout for talent other than to wait to be spoon fed on what to play.
“We have a lot of talent in the country and I refuse to believe the poor quality music being aired is the best we are producing,” said Pee Kay.
Though not very well-known, Pee Kay is one of the pioneers of local rap having been in the game since the late 90s.
He has worked with the US based Dumisani Maraire Jnr, Take Fizzo, Andy Brown, South Africa’s Speedy, Kenya’s Kvo and the legendary Flash Gordon among other music talents.
Pee Kay became one of the first local artists to be signed under Canadan record label World Premier Music back in 2005.
Under this label his EPL Like It Or Love It was sold as downloads under Digital Distribution.