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POTRAZ launches 2018 Consumer Satisfactory Survey Report

Dr. Gift Machengete

By Tatenda Mujeyi

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ) has launched its 2018 Consumer Satisfaction Survey Report at its headquarters in Mount Pleasant, Harare, today.

The survey is the third by the regulator and seeks to realise the level of satisfaction by consumers of the telecommunications, courier and Postal products in Zimbabwe every two years.

“Consumers play a critical role in any economic ecosystem. Consumers are the basic entity upon which service providers and regulators like us have reason for existence. This is the reason why all our regulatory work revolves around maximising consumer welfare and we take it very serious,” POTRAZ Director General Dr. Gift Machengete said at the launch.

The survey is the regulators precursor of the consumer views on the services they provide and informs them on their complemented efforts and the required changes.

“Through consumer satisfaction surveys, we get to understand what consumers feel about the services that fall under our regulatory purview and whether our interventions are effective and how best we can improve on them,” he  said.

The survey seeks to enhance efficiency of the telecommunications industry operators in a world that is constantly revolving on technological growth.

“Without you operators we will fall behind the fourth industrial revolution, and hence, we need to ensure that you continue to provide service on a sustainable basis,” Dr. Machengete said.

The survey is important in facilitating for understanding of consumer requirements by operators so as to better understand customer needs and tailor products along user’s requisites.

“However, your sustainability also depends on the consumers’ willingness and ability to buy your services, if consumers shun your services or do not afford the services, there is no business for you,” the POTRAZ Director General said.

The launch also noted the central role consumer groups have in generating understanding on key issues affecting their use of telecommunications products.

“To all consumer groups that have graced this occasion, I want to thank you for your patience and understanding when things go wrong, as well as your support despite the challenging economic environment,” Dr Machengete added.

The survey was conducted by Topline Research Solutions, a research company based in Graniteside, Harare through the use “of three thousand eight hundred (3800) and three hundred and seventy household and corporate consumers respectively across the country’s 10 provinces. Eighteen (18) in depth interviews (IDIs) with key stakeholders in the postal, telecommunication and courier services sector were conducted.” Brian Mahuchi the Sector Head Public Services at Topline Research Solutions said at the event.

The launch was attended by representatives from the postal, telecommunications, courier and consumer groups.

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