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Put country ahead of power: Chamisa urges Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa and main opposition leader Mr Nelson Chamisa to headline 2023 elections

President Mnangagwa should put aside the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) led rigging scheme and act as a Statesman by accepting electoral defeat in order to allow the country to move forward, Nelson Chamisa has said.

“This idea that African strongman never want to leave power after an election must stop. President Mnangagwa will join a growing but still small number of African politicians who put their country ahead of power. He must take this opportunity to negotiate a respectable exit and leave peacefully. An unnecessary and protracted battle will not benefit Zanu PF in the medium to long term,” Chamisa said ahead of the upcoming Presidential election petition hearing set for Wednesday 22 August 2018.

The young politician said he was encouraged by the tremendous support his petition continues to receive from the four corners of the country, the continent and the world at large. He acknowledged the anxiety of the nation around the upcoming Court Case where the MDC Alliance is challenging what it calls “the subversion of the will of the people by ZEC in cahoots with some rogue elements in our state institutions.”

Chamisa expressed confidence in the fact that his party has put up a very strong case to overturn the electoral outcome. His team comprises experienced, tried and tested legal experts drawn from the best minds in the region and in the country who are led by some of  Zimbabwe’s finest and very best legal minds.

“This team has been working tirelessly to protect your victory. I have confidence in them and in their assurances. We will together as a nation agree on a working programme for the total fulfilment of our vote. We should not allow ourselves to be intimidated by anyone from anywhere. We are the masters of our own destiny. We are our own liberators.

“Without change we will fall back again into intolerable poverty and suffering for the next five years. Even in that case, if we don’t do it now, there is no guarantee that if we win again in 2023 those that are seeking to subvert your will are not planning to do it again. In the interest of our country, its people and the economy, ZEC must accept that it has played a divisive role in our politics. What was a clear and unambiguous victory has been muddied by partisan individuals in ZEC. I say to those in ZEC who were used as trojan horses, your country is aware of the pressure you were put under. You now have to help our country move beyond the crisis caused by the current leadership’s connivance with Zanu PF elements,” Chamisa said.

He reminded the international community that the road to the future of Zimbabwe, the rule of law, good governance and observance of human rights needed support so that they pass through a fresh pair of hands and genuinely alternative politics. He urged the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to fairly play their role towards building a peaceful Zimbabwe.

“To all the hopeful Zimbabweans, I say to you, the future is yours and you must always be mindful that no amount of intimidation or harassment must be given a chance to stop democracy. Zimbabweans are a heroic people, we have overcome many trials and tribulations. We will not be defeated by enemies of progress. This country is far too important to give up on. Our future depends on us and the choices we make at this time.

“Do not be discouraged by naysayers. Change is indeed coming and stay ready to celebrate. Yes it has taken too long and the process has been frustrating for you, but we must remain strong and focused on our victory,” Chamisa added.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende