Rudo revives her late father legendary musician Ketai Muchawaya’s legacy


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Writes Marlvin Ngiza 
Rudo Muchawaya, the daughter of the late Sungura legend, Ketai Muchawaya, has erupted onto the music scene to revive and propel the legacy of her father through remixing some of the songs which include “Dai uriwe”.
Rudo Muchawaya vowed that by using some of the skills she acquired from her father, she would be doing more remixes, and live shows going to all the places that her father had performed as a way of keeping the brand alive and strong.
“I will maintain and revive my father’s work by singing some of his songs, and having some live shows, especially in places he used to go.
“I have many skills that I learned from my father which include singing skillfully with profound messages without scolding, swearing, or degrading other people. I believe that I will reach heights and achieve my mission through these criteria.
“So far I did the re-mix of ‘Dai uriwe’ song which was a way of showing that a child of a musician is a musician too and can always follow their footsteps very well. The song was accepted very well by many,” said Muchawaya.
Meanwhile, Muchawaya expressed that she will be more into gospel music since her desire has always been to preach about Jesus Christ but that will not cause her to disregard her father’s music.
“What motivated me to venture into the music industry was because I loved the way my father sang. I would feel so excited whenever his songs were played on the radio and I always told myself that one day my name too will be on radio through music.
“I chose gospel music because that’s where my strength and passion are and also it is easy for me but I will not leave my father’s songs. He also sang some gospel songs so there will be variety in my projects,” she added.
Mukoma Ketai, born Ketai Muchawaya was a Zimbabwean musician and leader of the group Simba Brothers. Mukoma Ketai is well known for his hit single Dai Uriwe. He was a founding member of Kasongo Band which consisted of talented musicians such as Marko Sibanda and Knowledge Kunenyati. Mukoma Ketai died in 1999.