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Upcoming R ‘n’ B Artist Releases New Track

R 'n' B artist

By Ronnie Chisamba

A Harare R’n’ B rising artiste, Russel Tawanda Matinyarare (26), has released his latest track on YouTube and other social media platforms. The Shona track, Rudo Mutoro, was only released on social media this week due to delays caused by the current countrywide Covid-19 induced lockdown.

Literally translated, Rudo Mutoro means the burdens of love. The song tries to highlight the emotional and psychological pain caused by unrequited love. Rudo Mutoro was composed by Russel and produced at Base 70 Nation, a studio located in the capital Harare.

Affectionately known as Russel Tawanda by his followers, the artist was born in a family that has a passion for music. The young artist launched his musical career in 2013. Over the years he has had the opportunity to interact and work with celebrated local musicians from various genres: Stunner, Shinso, Ngoni Kambarami, and Hwindi President.

Russel also employs Afro-pop and soul in his music. Since embarking on his musical journey he has produced a number of tracks and an 8-track album titled Udade neni. Russel Tawanda is inspired by personal experience and observations from the locality.

“My inspiration comes from situations, the ones l have been in, and what other people have faced in their lives. The mere need to educate, inform, and entertain also plays a significant role in my career as a musician,” he said during an interview.

Russel Tawanda,  who is currently studying towards a diploma in electrical engineering at Telone  Centre For Learning in the capital is optimistic about his future in the Zimbabwe music arena.

“The response l get from my followers and music lovers who would have listened to my songs is overwhelming and very encouraging. So l would like to work till Russell Tawanda is a force to reckon with, both within and outside our borders,” the artist said.

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