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We are one family when we promote peace: Archbishop Johanes Ndanga


By Byron Mutingwende


Global peace advocate and Special Envoy of the Federation for World Peace and Unification’s African Chapter, Archbishop Johanes Ndanga has said upholding peace creates one family under God.


In his message, which called for peace and unification on the Korean peninsula last year, Archbishop Ndanga said there was need for a solution over the crisis that divided the area.


“We are commanded by the Lord, our God, to do what we can to bring about the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. By the wisdom of UPF co-founder, Mrs. Moon, we are gathered at this global rally for peace to pray for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula,” Archbishop Ndanga said.


The respected cleric called upon the leaders and people to reject violence and come together in open dialogue for peace and cooperation. He encouraged the Korean people and the world community to recognise that it was time to awaken their hearts.


“In the spirit of compassion, cooperation and respect we must heed the scared words: “they that beat their swords into plough shares and their spears into pruning hooks.”


“We call upon the international community to show solidarity through prayer and action and chase away the powers of darkness. Let the faithful of the world raise our voices for peace and reconciliation,” Archbishop Ndanga said.


Through the Inter-religious Leadership and Conference and the rally for peace on the Korean peninsula, Mrs Moon showed a high esteem for the leaders as well as for the faith traditions from various parts of the world.


Archbishop Ndanga encouraged religious leaders to focus on commonalities and play their part in contributing to a world of peace since it is a mandate from Heaven.


He emphasised that peace would never come if leaders only focused on the interest of their own traditions. Unless religious leaders took responsibility by practising the principle of living for the greater good as taught in all the sacred scriptures, humanity will continue on its way toward the abyss.


Archbishop Ndanga quoted a scripture in Matthew, which says if two agree about anything they ask for, it would be done for them by the Lord. For where two or three gather in the Lord’s name, there will he be with them.


“Our Heavenly parent will listen to us if we gather from all faiths to pray and work for peace. As it is universally understood, “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another (John 13: 32-35).


Archbishop Ndanga said Korea is a blessed land since it has the privilege of being the birthplace of Mother Moon. It is sad that the country is still divided along ideological lines.


“Let us pray that unity so much cherished by the Korean people, both from the North and South, can finally come based on efforts and sincere commitment of all stakeholders,” Archbishop Ndanga added.

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