Woman in trouble for assaulting husband’s mistress

By Michael Mashiri

A woman has been dragged to court after beating his husbands’ mistress.

Louis Mungami was taken to court last week after she was accused of beating his husbands’ mistress Elizabeth Mafuleka saying she had came to her house to disturb her peace.

Mungami is alleged to have beaten Mafauleka in the 6th of September 2018 at the Better Bricks Compound located in Mount Pleasant.

Mungami said she knew all along that the applicant was in a relationship with her husband and had no problem with it.

She said the problem came because she had came to her house to fight with her.

“l knew that the two were having an affair with my husband and l had no problem with it.

“The problem came when this woman came to my house wanting to fight me,”she said.

However Louis Mungami pleaded for forgiveness and said she was not going to do that again.

The magistrate advised the two that violence was not a way of solving issues, but have to use other peaceful means to do that.

“You should not use violence in resolving issues, but have to employ peaceful ways, if you continue like this one of you will be locked or both,” he said.

He ordered Mungami to pay a sum of $100 as fine before 31 October 2018.