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Man in court for assaulting naked girlfriend with electric cables

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A Marlborough man has been dragged to court after he allegedly assaulted his naked girlfriend with an electric cable.

Eliot Guzhuwo, was at the Harare Magistrate Court on Friday 5 October 2018 on accusations of assaulting his girlfriend Mitchell Matema with an electric cable whilst she was naked.

Mitchell said she had come to Guzhuwo’s house because she wanted the money for their children.

She said the accused, knelt down and started beating her up claiming that she was a goblin’s wife and a government prostitute.

She also said she tried to stop him from beating her. Instead, he took her into his house and removed her clothes and took an electric cable and started beating her with the cable.

“He started beating me saying I am a wife of a goblin and a government prostitute. l tried to stop him from beating me, but he continued. This is when he pulled me inside the house and removed my clothes and took an electric cable and he beat me with the cable,”she said.

The applicant said when the respondent became tired she escaped wearing a bra and a pant for 400 metres.

Guzhawo, however denied the allegations stating that he had not assaulted his girlfriend.

The magistrate said the case of the two had inconsistencies as they gave different testimonies.

He however said there was evidence that the applicant had been beaten as there was an affidavit which acted as evidence.

He ordered the respondent to pay $200 fine failing which he would be imprisoned for two months.

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