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Zimbabwe receives COVID-19 test kits from Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma

Jack Ma
Zimbabwe government has received its consignment of Coronavirus testing kits and prevention material donated by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma.
In response to the latest developments in the wake of the devastating effect of COVID19 around the world, the testing kits and prevention material arrived in the country on  Tuesday from Ethiopia.
The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade,  David Musabayana received the consignment of 5,4 million masks, 1 084 800 detection kits, 40 010 medical disposable protective clothing and 60 thousand face shields at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport on 24th of March.
“We would like to appreciate the gesture from Jack Ma and the Ethiopian Government for taking it upon themselves to distribute this equipment accordingly. It has come at a time where Zimbabwe needs all the necessary assistance following the coronavirus outbreak,” he said.
Honourable Musabayana added that the government will ensure the equipment is distributed effectively across the country through the ministry of health and child care.
“We will ensure the equipment goes to the right places to help those that need it most starting tomorrow. We are handing over the equipment to the Ministry of Health and child care and they will ensure that the equipment is distributed effectively and transparently,” he said.
Charge de affairs at the Ethiopian embassy in Harare, Golija Siba Korra said this is part of an urgent initiative to take necessary action to protect the people of Zimbabwe and Africa.
“This has been facilitated by the joint initiative of H.E Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma, and it has arrived in Harare which is the second after the first consignment went to Sudan yesterday. Starting tomorrow onwards we will ensure distribution to other countries across Africa to fight the pandemic,” he said.
Coordination is set to be done through the Ministry of Health and Child care with the Africa Centre for Disease Control (ACDC), the World Food Programme (WFP) and Ethiopian Airlines also involved.
ACDC will be liaising directly with each country’s Ministry of Health, while the WFP is responsible for shipment through Ethiopian Airways.
The coronavirus test kits and prevention materials that have been donated by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma are set to be distributed to 54 African countries, with Ethiopia carrying out the distributions and having sent out the first batch to Sudan. Zimbabwe today received its consignment at a time the country has reported its first positive cases of COVID-19 and the subsequent death on the 23rd of March.

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