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Zimbabwe to get 1 000 ‘oxygen helmets’ as Masiyiwa steps up COVID-19 support

Businessman Strive Masiyiwa has ordered 5 000 oxygen ventilators to help in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, saying he plans to ship batches of 1 000 ventilators each to Zimbabwe, Sudan, and Eritrea.

Masiyiwa wrote:

I have ordered 5 000 of these Oxygen Ventilators!

A few weeks ago someone sent me this news clip:

I immediately asked my team to investigate. This led us to our friends at Virgin Galactic (a Space agency company that makes space craft to take people into space).

These space engineers developed this design as their own contribution to fighting C-19!

We managed to get some samples sent to us in South Africa. We gave them to some medical specialists to try out. They loved them!

Our own engineers studied the designs, and working with Virgin engineers, found someone to help us manufacture them.

I’m not going to make a single cent on this. I’m giving them away, including sending 1 000 each to Zimbabwe, Sudan and Eritrea.

This is just one of my initiatives. Others are coming!

Remember what I said before:
You must care enough to want to help, that is when God will want to use you!

Last week I saw on
Al Jazeera a clip about a project in Senegal. Within 2 hours I had
traced the guy and spoken to him directly.

He is now going to manufacture for the rest of Africa.

(To learn more about Strive Masiyiwa’s work on fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa, visit

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