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ZUPCO Tap and Go Payment System Expensive: PAZ

Zupco fleet of buses

The Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) has welcomes the introduction of the tap and go payment system for ZUPCO since it brings convenience to the commuting public. However, they expressed concern with the fact that passengers are being made to buy the tap and go card for $10.

“This amount over-stretches the pockets of passengers, many of whom are not formally employed. PAZ is also concerned with the fact that ZUPCO is prioritising passengers with tap and go cards such that those who will be paying with cash either get left behind or are the last to board the bus. Some of the passengers who will be paying with cash, at times would have been the first ones on the queue.  The purchasing of tap and go cards should not be through this form of duress,” said PAZ President Tafadzwa George Goliati.

He called upon ZUPCO to have a timetable.

“Many people who rely on ZUPCO are often late to work, because they start operating later in the morning hours. Many people leave their work stations after seven in the evening and there will be no buses to transport them. The buses that ZUPCO is hiring must be roadworthy. There are many that are not fit to transport people,” Goliati added.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende